Tuesday, 22 August 2017

K17 and K18 Current News

Last week our children on current news did a fantastic job of sharing their interesting news items. We were particularly impressed by the organisation and hard work out into the presentations. Well done for your great work!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Maths Week Fun...

Last week was National Maths Week.  There was a lot of fun, rich maths tasks happening across the Year 3-4 classes!  The K15 Maths class had a great time being introduced to our new topic Fractions, by checking out just how 'smart' we are about fractions!

We know that a fraction is part of a number, set or shape. We now know about what a denominator and numerator is, and what their 'job' is.

As well as learning about fractions, we were able to recap on making and reading graphs and on using tallying marks to quickly count large numbers.  The best part was eating the smarties afterwards ......

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Newsletter Week 5 Term 3

Welcome to week five. It is hard to believe that at the end of this week we will be half way through
term three. Please read carefully as there is a lot of information in this weeks newsletter.

A huge thank you to all the parents and caregivers that came and helped on the school trip to 'School of Gymnastics' last week. It is very much appreciated.

Our next sessions are as follows

Tuesday 22 August
K15 and K16 - Leave school at 9am and return by 11.30am
K18 - Leave school 10.30am and return by 1pm

Thursday 24 August
K17 - Leave school at 12.30pm and return by 3pm

Your home class teacher will let you know if you are a parent/caregiver helper for this trip.

Poetry Competition
On Wednesday 23 August each home class will have their poetry competition from 11.30am until 12.30pm. There will only be two finalists from each year group i.e., two children from year 3 and two children from year 4. These children will represent their home class against the other year 3 and 4 home classes at 9am on Friday 25 August in the Waimakariri hub.

Parents and Caregivers are most welcome to come along to their home class competition on Wednesday 23 August at 11.30am.

Things that your child can practise at home for last two night....
• Introduce the poem and author
• Eye contact
• Speaking clearly and using a loud voice
• Using expression
• Using actions as part of the poem. They may also like to dress up.
• Learning poem off by heart

We hope that all children are working hard to learn their knowledge basic facts each night. On Monday 28 August the children will be tested on the facts that they learn. The test will be similar to their practise sheet and will have a ten minute limit to ensure that the children have learned the facts to a mastery level.

Completed sponsorship forms and money need to be returned by the 8 September. However, these are not needed until after the 28 August, once the children have completed the test.

There will be no spelling in week 5 due to poetry competition and maths-a-thon this week.

Myths and Legends -Mask Making
To celebrate our inquiry this term the children will be creating masks based on a character or creature from a Greek or Māori myth. If you are able to, we would appreciate a small koha (gold coin) to help purchase resources and mask bases for the children. This will be very much appreciated.

Calendars, Cards, Notebooks and Diary's 2018
You can view your child's artwork for calendars, cards, notebooks and diaries for 2018 at the office from this week.

Clay Cutting K17 and K18
Please see the home class teacher if you are able to help cut some clay for them to use.

Ice Cream Lids and Aprons for Clay
If you have spare ice cream lids can you please send to school. These are a good surface for children to work off with the clay. Also, if your child has an apron or an old t.shirt at home, it might be a good idea for them to bring to school for when they are working with the clay. However, it isn't essential.

School App
• Download our free School App. It is the most efficient way for us to inform you and is very useful for notifying student absences.
• Use this URL https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/st-albansschool/id1133501573?ls=1&mt=8 2.
• Go to itunes, search for the St Albans School app and click download or android users simply search in the Google Play store
• Use the QR code (both Apple and Android) Please allow PUSH notifications as this will allow alerts to come to your phone.

Have a fabulous week!

Jane, Trish, Fiona, Adela and Julie

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Current Events

Beth and Harry did a great job at sharing their current news event in front of the class, prompting some interesting questions.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Year 3 and 4 Poetry Competition

Next week is the Year 3 and 4 poetry competition. We hope you have all been practising your poems at home and by now have learnt your poem off by heart.
Don't forget to add expression and a couple of gestures to keep the audience entertained.

We have a rubric that is included below to give you an idea of how the judges will be marking.

Kahikatea class competitions will be held next Wednesday at 11:30 in our homebase rooms and the final will be on Friday at 9:00 in Waimakariri hub.
Four children from each class will be chosen to go through to the final (2 year 3's and 2 year 4's).

Monday, 14 August 2017

K17 and K18 on Air Wednesday 12:30-1:30

Just a reminder that a number of children from K17 and K18 will be hosting their own radio show on Wednesday between 12:30-1:30. 

To listen to the show:
Go to: http://www.8k.nz or look for the app (looks like a monkey image) on iOS or android.

We hope many of you will spread the word and listen to our very first show!